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I work with folks to make complicated stuff more visual (and approachable)

Illustrations for books, for the internet, for websites

Visual Notes for conferences, classes, meetings of all kinds

Animated videos (educational, explanatory)

A hand drawn image that reads: I work with folks to make complicated stuff more visual and approachable. There is an icon of an illustration under which is listed "for books, for the internet, for websites." Next there is an image of visual notes and the text "for conferences, classes, meetings of all kinds." Finally, there is an image of "animated videos" with the words 'educational" and "explanatory" underneath.
There are a bunch of different things scattered on top of a wooden desk. Some items include: an ipad with a purple and orange artistic circle and the words "our approach to this work is deep and proactive" in the center, an illustration of a building in the top left. below that is a card with watercolor splotches of various colors on it. In the very center is a rainbow colored emotion wheel. Down below is a map of new york city and a small cartoon drawing of a government building.

working together





** Please note that I will be on parental leave from December 22nd, 2023 - March 31st, 2024 and will be taking a full break from email and project work to hang out with my new little one :) **

If you have a project you're interested in working on together later in 2024, feel free to send me a note with as much info as you have thus far (timeline, budget, other general logistics) and I'll plan to get back to you sometime in April.


TITLE: black text on a turquoise background that reads "Want to make something together?"
TITLE: black text on turquoise background that reads "Some Abby updates from the internet:"



Image Description: Logos in a hand-drawn font including those of: Artivist Entertainment, UCSF, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Walmart Foundation, GAP, Stanford, Berkeley, Haas, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, UC Davis, Google, Fiserv. Egon Zehnder, MIT, eBay, ThredUp, Rosetta, Facebook, Ericsson, vmware, Wendel Rosen, SanDisk, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, SFGH Theraputic Food Pantry, Salesforce, Breakfast in the Classroom, LiveRamp.

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