The 2020 emotion wheel

 Image Description: A watercolor "emotion wheel." A wheel with four concentric rings divided into six "pie-like" wedges. The top wedge is yellow with "joy" at the center. Moving clockwise, the next wedge is orange with "genius" at the center-- then red with "anger" at the center-- the bottom wedge is blue with "sad" at the center-- then purple with "fear at the center" and finally green with "disgust" at the center. 


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Emotion Wheel Print
11x11" | $35
*Wipeable* Feelings Check in Worksheet
11x17" | $38
*Wipeable* Emotion Wheel
11x11" | $38
Emotion Wheel Cards
6x6" | Pack of 6 | $12

The profits from the purchases of this print and any other emotion wheel products, will be used to:

  • Provide free prints to mental health providers who work with oppressed communities in the Bay Area (to use in their sessions or distribute to clients)

  • Translate the wheel into other languages

Please reach out to me directly if:

  • The cost of this print is too high to allow you to purchase it. I am happy to explore the option of a discounted rate or free print. Additionally, if you would like to donate or contribute to a free or discounted print for someone else, please send me a note.

  • You'd like to explore ordering a larger poster-sized version of this print

  • You'd like to order >10 of this print (for a class of students, etc.) I offer discounted pricing for bulk orders

About this Emotion Wheel

This is a custom emotion wheel art print that I designed in 2020 (the year of all the feelings...) The emotions are organized by the categories: joy, fear, disgust, sadness, anger and "genius." It makes a great print to hang on your wall or use to talk through feelings with children, in therapy, and with other loved ones. It is inspired by Robert Plutchick's Wheel of Emotions.

How do I use this Emotion Wheel?

Feel free to use this emotion wheel however you are inspired to. Here is a suggested workflow if you need one:

  1. Find a quiet moment to yourself.

  2. Do a few laps around the wheel and write down any words that resonate with the experience you're having in the current moment.* (You can also draw/paint the words or colors, use the clickable version of the wheel below or use a wipeable worksheet.)

  3.  Take a look at the words you wrote down-- what do you notice?

  4.  In moments when my feelings come back as predominantly green, purple, blue or red words, I take a moment to hone in on the yellow and orange words and ask myself, "How might I cultivate (insert yellow or orange word here) today?"

  5. If you feel comfortable, share your list of words-- with a loved one, a mental health professional, or with your social media community. 

             *I try to write down at least 8-12 words -- quite often, we are taught to limit descriptions of our emotional experience to one or two words ("I'm feeling anxious, or I'm feeling tired.")-- but getting into the more complex nuance of our emotional experience can help us understand how we're actually feeling and can make it easier to share that experience with others. 


I'll be posting emotion deep-dives and updates on what the lil' wheel is up to.



(It may take a minute or two to load)

Hey, congrats! You made it to the bottom of the long long Emotion Wheel page... If you've made it this far, you're definitely in the target audience for folks I'm hoping will test out this *rough* prototype for the Digital Emotion Wheel. Click around on it, refresh the page to reset, and please let me know what you think and how you use it! 


The 2020 Emotion Wheel is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, PO Box 1866, Mountain View, CA 94042, USA.

(In non-lawyery language... Please use this image! You can buy prints, download the digital version or print-it out on your own-- share it all around the internet and tell your teacher/therapist/feelings-loving friends about it. My main request is that the image is properly credited, not altered and bonus points if you're able to give me a shout out on social media and/or make a donation. I am so appreciative of the support y'all have given to this little wheel and I hope it helps you feel whatever you are feeling and approach others who are feeling whatever they're feeling with kindness and compassion <3


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