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Creative Consulting

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Much of my work doesn't fit nicely into the boxes of "graphic recording," "workshops" or "animation" these days and I have begun to work with many of my clients in a more fluid capacity. I love, truly, to get to work with folks in more depth partner for a particular project that could use some visual wizardry and creative energy.

Folks have brought me on as a consultant to help them with:

Custom Illustrations

Visuals that you can use for presentations, books, worksheets, proposals, etc.


Ideation Sessions

For product designs, menu designs

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New Clients:
6 x 60 min Sessions

I ask that new clients to commit to an initial set of 6 sessions so that I can really get to know you and your work/project. This includes an additional complimentary 30 minute session to outline your hopes and dreams for our work together and get clear on what you'd like to make together.

Existing Clients/Projects
60-120 min sessions as needed

For folks I have worked with in the past and who I have an underlying understanding of the work I am available for one-off sessions or retainer-style contracts. 

Some of the things I bring to the table in my consulting work are:

- 10+ years of experience and ever-expanding skillsets as a multi-media visual artist

- a strategic lens on the types of creative/visual content that might best match your intentions and will make the most of the resources you're working with

- a genuine interest in joyful process, creating unique work together, and building relationships

- my personal experiences as a queer/trans, multi-racial, light-skinned, 30-something year old, able-bodied and visually-brained human

- a pretty darn unique knowledge set built from years of bopping in and out of organizations and subject matter of all different kinds

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